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Jerry J Pollock

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Putting God Into Einstein's Equations: Energy of the Soul
by Jerry J Pollock   

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· Divinely Inspired: Spiritual Awakening of a Soul
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ISBN-10:  0972386661 Type: 


Copyright:  April 13, 2012 ISBN-13:  9780972386661

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Jerry Pollock
Shechinah Third Temple
Jerry Pollock Finding God. Finding Life

Putting God into Einstein’s Equations: Energy of the Soul is a merger between God’s spiritual world and Einstein’s energy physics that helps us dissect the mysteries of God, ourselves and our universe.

God is energy and so is our Divine soul. Each of us receives a tiny "piece" of God's virtually infinite energy, and the difference between our energy and that of God is simply the enormous difference in order of magnitude when comparing God's energy to ours. The behavior of this energy mirrors the equations brilliantly originated and described by Albert Einstein with two exceptions -- the mass, m referenced in Einstein's famous equation, E=mc2, is a special Mass, M, originating in God's energy particles, and God’s and our soul energy travels at one million times the speed of light, c. In fact, this Mass is the source of the independent intelligence and sensory properties found in the soul of all human brains. The incredible speed that our souls travel allows our souls to live for the eternity even though our bodies die during many past lives, since time stands still at such speeds.  Putting God Into Einstein's Equations: Energy of the Soul is a provocative and compelling book that weaves together empirical, scientific observation, academic research, and theoretical and theological considerations, bolstered by revelatory, first-hand testimony bearing witness to the existence of the Divine soul in both the physical and spirit worlds.


The book is the direct outcome of an unusual and unique collaboration by soul mates Marcia and Jerry Pollock spanning the spiritual and physical worlds. Marcia is deceased, and her contributions come from the powerful intelligent energy of her Divine soul, which is without her physical body in the spirit world. Jerry is alive with his Divine soul, which is constrained within his physical body on planet Earth. Communicating through telepathy, the authors have written this exquisitely, simply explained book in their humble attempt of gratitude to bring new knowledge to the understanding of God's Essence and our world.


Contained in the pages of Putting God Into Einstein's Equations are moving, personal reflections on the authors’ life experiences, from the thrill of discovering one’s true soul mate to both traumatic and joyous events like a descent into bipolar depression, Divine miracles, and the pain and loss associated with the death of a loved one. Equally explored and discussed are practical techniques for hypnotic-spiritual world regression and directing spiritual energy and using light to alleviate negative forces. Above all else, Putting God Into Einstein's Equations seeks to advance an awareness and comprehension of God, drawing upon points of reference as diverse as Qigong and yoga to the word of rabbinical scholars.


My memoir, Divinely Inspired: Spiritual Awakening of a Soul, was published in 2003. Five years earlier the sparks of my soul had been activated through Divine Providence. I was a novice at computers back then and I enlisted the help of my colleague, Dr. Philias Garant at Stony Brook University Dental School, who was writing his own book and was familiar with using publishing software to set up interior text.
During this period of my writing, Phil and I would have discussions about the content of my book, which was written as a testament to the presence of God based upon His intervention into my life with Divine miracles. Like many biologists, Phil was sceptical about God. However way before the miracles, as far back as my bar mitzvah, I had a “foggy” faith inside of me. This was true despite that during most of my life I was spiritually bankrupt.
By 2003 I thought that the crux of the spiritual problem was whether you believed or did not believe in God. However, when Phil sent me a zinger of a question, I was stumped. I had vigorously defended the position that my and others’ spiritual experiences were evidence for the Creator being in our present world. I argued this was absolutely true despite that God was no longer on the public stage of our earthly life as he was back in biblical days. Phil responded effortlessly with a certain amount of gusto:

And where did he [God] come from?

For almost the last nine years, I have been turning over Phil’s question in my mind. Yet I have never had a way to even attempt to answer it. Einstein was right. You have to use your imagination to find solutions, so what better way to draw nearer to an answer than to visit the imaginative world of the spirit, where Marcia’s soul was now living after her death? Nine months after her passing, a strengthening connection between Marcia’s soul and my soul has been established whereby we now freely telepathically communicate as if she were still alive.

How is this possible?

The world has many looming questions that have never been answered. A trite philosophical one might be, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” Or a more scientific query might be, “Which came first in the origin of evolution─DNA or enzyme proteins? Like the chicken and the egg conundrum where you need the chicken to hatch the egg and the egg to hatch the chicken, you need enzyme proteins to help make DNA and DNA to help make these same enzyme proteins. The crux of the problem in terms of my friend Phil’s question about where did God come from might be:

What existed in the time slot
before the universe was created?
And what was God’s involvement
before and after?

The first half of the question of “before” has never been satisfactorily answered by scientists, even though the big bang and other unique scientific theories have been proposed to explain the “after.” Neither has God’s role been deciphered on both ends, although explanations have been offered these past centuries by the mystics of the kabbalah. The only hint we have from the Book of Genesis, as translated by Mesorah Publications, is that on the First Day, which has been suggested to refer to creation of the universe, God said:

‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.
God saw that the light was good, and God
separated between the light and the darkness
God called the light: ‘Day,’ and the
darkness he called ‘Night.’ And there was
evening and there was morning.

However, it wasn’t until the Fourth Day that God said:

‘Let there be luminaries in the firmament
of the heaven to separate between the day
and the night; and they shall serve as signs,
and for festivals, and for days and years;
and they shall serve as luminaries in the
firmament of the heavens to shine upon the
earth. And God made the two great luminaries,
the greater luminary [sun] to dominate the
day and the lesser luminary [moon] to dominate
the night; and the stars.

It seems to us that the key to Phil’s question, “And where did God come from?” lies in the interpretation of a unique Light, other than the light of the sun or moon or stars, being created on the First Day, when once existed only God’s creation of darkness. However, we propose a modification to the above statement: In the darkness prior to the big bang, there were always energy particles, which are God Whose Divine Energy is composed of a unique Mass and a unique Light.
The great Jewish sage Rashi has said that this Divine Spiritual Light is reserved for Divinely-selected righteous individuals in the future. Just prior to the big bang creating our universe, this Light was confined or was locked up inside these resting energy particles. During the moments before the big bang, God caused His energy particles to release into the darkness or nothingness, causing the big bang explosion. Simultaneously, God’s energy particles multiplied as the universe expanded according to currently held scientific theories.
In other words, to answer Phil’s question, God is Light Energy and has always existed from the beginning of time. As Marcia always said to me, “God is.” God is the ein sof or ain sof, the limitless Supreme Being, and therefore no one or no thing existed before Him. Even the primordial darkness that existed alongside or within God’s Light Energy prior to the big bang is God’s creation.
In later chapters we shall describe these energy particles of God in quantitative and qualitative terms. God’s energy is immense, and tiny “pieces” of His energy particles in the form of “irregular pear-shaped dumbbells” become the energy particles of our Divine souls. We are all thus miniscule “fragments” of God, making us creations in God’s image.
If God is composed of energy particles, then it would be natural to assume that His energy particles would behave according to Einstein’s famous equation:

E = mc2

where E equals the total internal energy of a body at rest, m equals mass referred to as relativistic mass, c equals the velocity of light in a vacuum, and c2 is a conversion factor needed to transform units of mass to units of energy. One caveat, however, would have to be unique in God’s energy particles. The particles, perhaps due to the uniqueness of their M, or Mass, have intelligence. On God’s level, these energy particles represent an organizing structure that is the being of us all and our universe. On the human level, the enormously smaller number of energy particles, which are a gift of life from God, are used by God to form our Divine souls. Each soul in turn is a mini brain with intelligence and other human attributes that we shall discuss in the ensuing pages.
Once the sun was created, it became the luminary that replaced the special Light of the First Day to light up the day on the symbolic Fourth day and thereafter. God’s special Light presently lies in waiting. According to the Hebrew Scriptures, we shall see this special Light again on God’s final Day of Judgment in the End Times which shall signal the Messianic Age.
In Jewish thought and mysticism, the Divine soul does not take up space inside the body. If we carry this concept a step further, God would not take up His enormous energy particle space in the immense space of our universe. God is just invisible to us and will make Himself known at the time of the Messianic Age at the End of Days. The Bible talks about us knowing God as the waters of the sea in this new Garden of Eden era to come. As discussed by Dr. Michael Newton in his books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, the soul’s energy can enter into and appear in transparent human form without the physicality of a body. The soul can also enter animals and create unique butterflies and squirrels. According to our interpretation of the biblical prophecies, God too may appear in human form at the time of His choosing and speak to the entire world.
In Einstein’s equation, the 186 thousand miles per second velocity of light, c, is approached by an object when its energy and relativistic mass are essentially infinite. Because God is limitless and beyond infinity and because we are a part of God, His energy and the energy and our souls, one and the same energy, is transmitted telepathically, as we shall discover in later chapters, at speeds of 186 billion miles per second. Incredible as it sounds, energy follows thought and thoughts as energy are transmitted one million times faster than the speed of light. Marcia’s soul is 93 billion miles away in Heaven and her thoughts travelling at 186 billion miles per second would therefore reach my soul in my physical body within one-half a second. God is independent of both time and space so that He would be in Einstein’s fourth dimension of time-space as predicted by Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.
For God, fourteen billion years of evolution are the same as the 5,773 years since the creation of Adam and Eve. Both time events are instantaneous time for God, although Creation and evolution are separated by billions of years. For our human brains, however, we see these events as distinct time entities. But our souls like Marcia’s inside the spirit world and mine inside my brain, made up of God’s Light energy, know differently. Marcia’s soul in Heaven instantaneously talks to my soul in my physical body, because the silent telepathy of our thoughts hitches a ride on invisible electromagnetic Light waves of our energy particles traveling at incredible speeds one million times faster than the velocity of light. This could never happen with ordinary conversation because sound travels at significantly miniscule slower speeds than even regular light. We shall elaborate on this energy link of the spiritual world to the physical world later on in our story.
Marcia and I see our Creator as the Master Scientist Who created the universe and all beings, so that scientists could seek answers in their scientific hypotheses and experiments to understand the functioning of the human body, the cosmos, and nature. We believe that God created a dynamic, interesting world full of wonders intended to stimulate the inquisitive, curious, imaginative mind like that of Albert Einstein. God gave us free will so that especially disinterested parties or atheists would have the choice to doubt Him and even become anti-God.
God gave us intelligence, creativity, wisdom, language, and laughter, along with free will to morally decide for good versus evil. In the following pages, we would like to explore the contributions of our souls versus our brains and bodies. What role does the soul play in intelligence and emotions, compared to the human brain? When do they interact in concert and when do they act independently? How do bad and evil come about when we are faced with moral choices? Is the Devil alive to influence us? Do evil people have a Divine soul? Is the soul responsible for thought, and if so how are thoughts transmitted or picked up? Does thought follow energy or does energy follow thought?
How does the psychic or necromantic make contact with the spirit world? Back when Marcia and I were living in New York, I was looking one evening for something to watch on television. I flipped the TV channels and randomly stopped at Larry King Live. His guest that night was an attractive, middle-aged, British woman, who claimed to be a necromantic, a person who has the power to contact the dead. She was taking phone calls, and reaching trancelike states to connect with callers’ dead relatives. One of the phone calls was from a mother who was grieving over the loss of her infant son. After a few moments in a sublime meditative state, the British woman made contact with the mother’s son, and began to open and close her hand in the direction of the TV screen, repeating the word…love…love…love. At one point in the show, I chuckled as Larry King frantically waved his hands in the air above, and asked, “Where are they?” He was trying to touch the spirits of the dead—of course, to no avail. I reflected on what I had observed, and spoke aloud, “That’s neat.” I went to bed, and thought no more of this mystical TV episode—that is, until the surprise of the next day.
At the appointment at my Long Island holistic doctor’s office, I found myself talking with a woman, whom I had previously shared conversations with while we were each hooked up on our intravenous lines. I was into this nutritional stuff beginning in the early 1990s, and I had all of my silver mercury amalgam fillings in my teeth replaced with porcelain. As a scientist I knew that a lot of the mercury would be ingested during the dental procedures, and thus I elected to have intravenous treatment to remove mercury out of my body. It took twenty-six weekly treatments, followed by oral chelation, to eliminate all the mercury in my cells, as carefully measured by blood and urine analyses.
The woman next to me, to whom I was speaking, was having EDTA chelation treatments for her heart. She paused, and then asked, “Did you happen to see Larry King Live last night?”
“As a matter of fact, I did,” I replied.
The woman then asked, “Do you remember the clasping and unclasping of the hands, and the repetition of the word love?”
“Yes,” I responded enthusiastically.
Then the surprise. “That little boy was my grandson. That’s how he motioned all the time, and the caller was my daughter. We have been sad for the longest time because we lost such a special child filled with love.”
I was speechless. This woman was a nice person and she had no reason to lie. I realized this was no coincidence. I was meant to be a part of this unusual happening. I was being shown something quite paranormal and quite remarkable. At the time I thought God had created an interesting, dynamic world in which people were given gifts of contact with the dead, extrasensory perception, the unique ability to connect with ghosts and spirits, past lives, UFO experiences, and so forth. Today I also feel that the same is true in reverse. The spirit world can contact us without our seeking it out. Our loved ones as souls can come back in our dreams or poke us or move pictures around or show us visions of themselves or create animals like the unique butterfly I observed at Marcia’s grave. It is all done through the principles of energy as suggested by Einstein in theoretical equations and proven practically in scientific experiments.
How is God involved? How many energy particles existed in God just before the big bang, and how many is God made up of now? How many energy particles does it take to make a soul, and do we all start out the same? Can we acquire more or less energy depending on our moral choices? Is God the scorekeeper of our good and bad choices, or is God, like Einstein depicts him, a God who doesn’t interfere or interact in our lives or doesn’t judge us for every moral act?
Einstein’s God is only responsible for our universe(s) and its harmony. Einstein believed that all is predetermined and there is no free will. He therefore did not believe that God was our puppeteer. But then how can we explain past lives and trips to the spirit world like the ones that I experienced under hypnosis when I visited Marcia? How do we obtain answers to all of these and so many other questions? Are Marcia and Jerry, your authors, just blowing smoke and all of this to be spoken about absurd and preposterous? Or can we really use the energy of our Divine souls to answer many of the questions worthy of answering?



I recently completed Marcia’s memoir, The Wing of the Butterfly. The title of the memoir came to me from a love poem I wrote and read to Marcia at her gravesite, ten days after she died.

Marcia, you are the colors of the rainbow all in one
You’re the morning breeze and the setting sun
The snowflake on the whispering tree
The deer and rabbit scampering free
Your heart is the gentle beat of the butterfly wing
Your voice, the symphonic sound of birds that sing
I smell your breath and see your smile
And know I will see you in a while
I crave your touch and feel your heart
It’s not the end, it’s just the start
Go take your rest and fly away
But do come back another day
Our souls are bound, full of glee
True love for all eternity

Marcia is the Wing of the Butterfly, as her soul can often be seen as the yellow and black monarch butterfly spreading her wings and hovering for extended periods of time close by her gravesite at the Eternal Light Cemetery in Boynton Beach, Florida. However, at least some of the times I saw a monarch butterfly, it would have to be considered unique; for when our daughter Melanie and I were together at the gravesite, Melanie noticed that where the wings met or divided at the posterior were two large, blue circles, one on each wing, and beside the blue circles were two smaller red circles. The blue color was a beautiful cyan blue, and the red color was like the red ball that the sun wondrously takes on as it sets to end the light of the day.
Marcia’s soul not only became the butterfly. Our cousin Roberta sees Marcia’s soul in a unique light-brown or gray squirrel with a burnt orange red crest of hair sticking up and running from the back of the top of the head down the back of the body. Roberta has visualized the squirrel at her home and has seen another squirrel looking similar in appearance miles away at her place of work. I have a name for Marcia’s soul. She is called Shubella, which means beautiful queen, for Marcia will always be my Queen.
How did we meet? Was it destiny?

Professional Reviews

Marcia Randolph, No Wayz Tired Blog
by Marsha

If you love a ‘till death do you part’ love story you will certainly appreciate “Putting God Into Einstein’s Equation” by Jerry & Marcia Pollock. This is a book written by a man who lost his wife to soon in his journey here on earth. Jerry Pollack in conjunction with the essence of all that Marcia is presents a philosophy of eternal life based on their faith and science.
Marcia Pollack died March 18, 2011 leaving behind a wealth of wisdom written for all to see. Anyone who has experienced a loved one, particularly a spouse, may understand some of what Jerry experienced. Marcia was the one who made him whole, this is very clear as you journey with him in the pages of “Putting God Into Einstein’s Equation”.
How do you explain or justify the loss of your soul mate, particularly if you are a child of God? Where does science end and faith begin? These are the questions addressed in this 167 page painstakingly written book by Jerry and Marcia Pollock.

Though I cannot recommend this book from a Christian perspective because of some areas which I believe are biblically incorrect I want you to go buy it. I don’t think you will ever read a greater love story than “Putting God Into the Equation”.
I receive a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair review.
Reviewers’ Addendum: As I think about the love Marcia and Jerry shared I think of these words from the Song of Songs:
Her: My love is mine, and I am his.
He grazes among my lilies.
As the day breathes its’ morning breeze
and shadows turn and flee;
Turn to me, my love, like a gazelle;
come to me like a young stag on rugged mountains.

Susan Gattis, Pacific Book Review
Title: Putting God into Einstein's Equations: Energy of the Soul Author: Jerry & Marcia Pollock Publisher: Shechinah Third Temple ISBN: 978-0972386661 Pages: 186, Paperback/Kindle Genre: Spirituality/Non-Fiction Reviewed by: Suzanne Gattis Date Review Completed: May 12, 2012
“Truth, Love, and Wisdom lie within these pages.” This simple yet powerful phrase is the dedication, attributed to the Creator, introducing the book to all of its readers. After reading the book, I believe it truly expresses the sincerity in which the words of this work of non-fiction were written. After discovering the premise to Jerry and Marcia Pollock’s book “Putting God into Einstein’s Equations”, I was prepared to read it with an open mind, as my religious and philosophical views somewhat differ from the content held within the pages. However, what I found at the essence of the book was a story that I could relate to, a beautiful tale of true romance and of a strong faith and devotion to our God and to each other. While some of the concepts were new and foreign to me, these principles were not. The book chronicles Jerry’s quest for peace and understanding after the loss of his beloved wife and soul mate Marcia to cancer. The lessons and concepts that he explores along the way bring him to an understanding and place of comfort, as well as to a bridge for him to connect to his wife once more. For anyone that has ever lost someone, this comfort is one of the greatest gifts that one can find. What are the properties of the soul? What happens after we die? Can we be once again reunited with those beyond us? These are just some of the intricate concepts that Pollock explores. He delves into these issues armed with true belief and with well researched information. The views of many are incorporate into this book, tying in references as diverse as rabbinical scripture to those of the theorist Albert Einstein. Theories of the speed of light, past lives, the energy of a soul, and miracles are

Bruce, Customer Review
Putting God Into Einstein's Equations: Energy of the Soul
I started off with Weiss- Past lives, advanced to Newton-Spirit World, and finally Jerry Pollock has gone where no one else has dared to travel, as he has explored past lives and the spirit world thru direct telepathic communication. One must keep an open mind as Jerry is brutally honest about his life which to me makes him real and honest as he speaks to the reader. Having read books by Weiss and Newton, I have progressed in my thinking whereby I am totally open to what Jerry has written. Take the next step and keep an open mind and you will be exposed to new concepts and ideas.

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