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What do I write? As a freelance writer, anything anyone will pay me to write. As a novelist, young adult, adult action/adventure.


I was born in Glasgow, Scotland and had my early education somewhat interrupted by evacuation during World War II. After taking a degree in Chemistry and Mathematics at St Andrews University I worked for some time as a Chemical Engineer, and had some adventures in France, before becoming a teacher. My wife Lyn, son David, and I relocated to Canada in 1967 where my second son, Iain, was born. While teaching in Canada, I completed a Bachelor's degree in Education and a Master's degree in Educational Psychology at the University of Manitoba. For thirteen years I was the principal of a grade school -- Grades Eight through Twelve. 
I now live in Ottawa to be close to both sons, daughter-in-law Allison, and three grandchildren: Gillian, Malcolm, and Jennie.

For the past twenty-one years I have been a freelance writer and editor, although I started writing much earlier.




Birth Place: Glasgow,  Scotland, UK

Accomplishments: Finalist in EPPIE2003 Awards in the category Action/Adventure for my novel Ring of Stone.
Honourable mention in International Literary Awards by Manuscripts Internation, Dayton


To Read the Bones by Hugh T McCracken
A collection of poems ranging over a variety of themes and moods....


Ring of Stone by Hugh T McCracken
Ring of Stone was an EPPIE2003 finalist for best Action/Adventure novel....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comBeWrite Books  Amazon.ca

Masters of the Hunt by Hugh T McCracken
Now fullly trained for grim medieval warfare and in their mid-teens the small bamd of once-reluctant time travellers journey back to 13th Century Scotland where age-old friends -- and bitter enemies -- are waiting. In their desperate bid to save the dukedom of the young nobleman they have taken under their wings the Lords of Mobius recruit a squad of turncoat mercenaries to their cause -- and ...


Heads up for Harry by Hugh T McCracken
1939 through 1950 Recollections wartime childhood and early adult adventures....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comBewrite Books 

The Knotted Cord (Alistair Kinnon) by Hugh T McCracken
The body of a naked young boy hanging in a dusty barn stirs sickening feelings of déjà vu in the detective. As he unravels each knot in the tangled cord of his investigation, dedicated cop, Martin Nicols uncovers a murderous thread ... and police prejudices which may have allowed previous killings to happen ... not to mention his own guilt! Alistair Kinnon has written much more than a tense, ...

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The Tangled Skein (Alistair Kinnon) by Hugh T McCracken
The loose ends of murder take crusading cop Martin Nicols thousands of miles from his home beat … and into a steaming hotbed of child vice, inhuman torture and death. But this time Nicols struggles against more than evil puppetmasters with ultimate power over their helpless young victims … he must also contend with hostile and jealous colleagues and infuriating red tape that threatens to hog ...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comBewrite Books UK 

Shaken & Stirred by Hugh T McCracken
An anthology of poems by poets from all over the world, edited by Heather Grace....

Amazon.comBeWrite Books 

Return from the Hunt by Hugh T McCracken
Pet, Davey, and Mike are back in modern Scotland after a frightening byut exhilarating year out of time in twelth century. The survival skills they fought so hard to acquire in the distant past are as inappropriate for them in the present as hand-to-hand battle tactics are for soldiers returning to civilian life....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comBewrite Books  Amazon.ca

Rules of the Hunt by Hugh T McCracken
Five schoolboy pals, on a dare, after dark sneak into a wood supposed to be haunted. The wood changes and they find themselves in an earlier, more savage, Scotland fighting for their very survival....

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Grandfather & The Ghost by Hugh T McCracken
Grandfather: Is the nightmare grandfather even more evil than anyone ever imagined? It's up a secret investigation squad of schoolboy detectives to unearth the chilling truth. TheGhost: A group of newcomers to a boy's boarding school discover an unerathly new friend in their haunted dormitory. The boys need help but so does the friendly phantom searching for the answer to a dark secret from t...

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The Time Drum by Hugh T McCracken
Kevin, the victim of a bully at school, is only too glad to go to Scotland with his mother for the summer vacation. There he finds an ancient drum that takes him back to an ancient time where he finds out there are more than one kind of bully. Can the lessons in self-confidence and self-respect Kevin learns in the past be carried back and applied in his own time?...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comBeWrite Books  Amazon.ca


Eternal Night Website

MY Web Site

Additional information

I also write under the pseudonym Alistair Kinnon: The Knotted Cord: A police procedural mystery novel. The Tangled Skein: A sequel to The Knotted Cord, published by Bewrite Books in 2004. I also have a collection of poems in: Shaken & Stirred an anthology of poems edited by Heather Grace and published by Bewrite Books,UK.

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 Hugh T McCracken
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