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Inside every human heart there is at least one moment of absolute beauty. The secret of happiness is to find that moment, grasp it, recognise it and hang on to it as long as humanly possible.



  I was born in Hungary in the early nineteen thirties, where I received most of my education and lived under two extreme tyrannical regimes. Having lived through the Second World War, Hitler’s tyranny, surviving the Holocaust and then living under Stalin's tyranny was a major if unwelcome learning experience, which deeply influenced my life and personal philosophy.

 I left Hungary with my wife - a fellow dental student - after the abortive Uprising of 1956, as refugees, settled in England, we completed our professional training and took British Citizenship. We have two grown up children and four grandsons. I live in South London in the United Kingdom where I was in partnership with my wife in General Dental Practice for over 42 years.

At Christmas of 2003 I retired from professional life, seriously thinking what to do when I finally grow up. I didn't have to think too long before life threw me another unwelcome challenge.


After a brave and determined five years’ fight against cancer, my wife and life long partner passed away at home in the early hours of the 15th of August 2007.


In despair I decided that the easiest way was to sit down and wait for God… However, a year on I realised that God either forgot about me or did not want me yet… more surprisingly neither did the devil.


Therefore now, like Fagin in his song in the musical Oliver, “I am reviewing the situation”…

 Let’s see (the Nowhere?) where the rest of the journey leads to…

Birth Place: Budapest,  Hungary

Accomplishments: Diplomas and Degrees plus a number of other professional accreditations, but those are just pieces of paper, allowing to pursue a professional carrier.

What might count as achievement is surviving war, persecution, dictators, revolution and displacement as a refugee and starting a new life.

However, the only real achievement and award I truly treasure is the trust and love of my four grandsons.


Jew Be or Not Jew Be; The Story of a Perpetual Alien by Peter J. Oszmann
The sometimes poignant, sometimes humorous, thoroughly compelling true story of a young Hungarian Jewish boy and his family escaping the fate of Hitler's extermination camps....

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Short Stories

Stories about my childhood, my Mother and her family.
 by Peter J. Oszmann
The core of this story is part of Chapter 2 of my autobiographical novel Jew Be Or Not Jew Be, The Story of a Perpetual Alien. Book 1, Under Hitler’s Shadow. ...

The Butterfly Effect (Repost) Revised
 by Peter J. Oszmann
Illusion, or reality? An improbable, symbolic story with a twist in the “tail” of the tale…...

A living, breathing abstract art…- (Satire)
 by Peter J. Oszmann
The story is based on an actual observation during a train journey to Central London…...

Christmas Miracles.
 by Peter J. Oszmann
Christmas miracles?... What is a miracle?...

The Anniversary.
 by Peter J. Oszmann
An anniversary is the annual recurrence of a date on which a notable event occurred in some previous year....

Traces In The Air - A story of Meaningful Coincidences.
 by Peter J. Oszmann
This is a true story of a series of coincidences I encountered throughout my life; from the day I met the girl who eventually became my wife and lifelong partner, to this day....

A Bar of Chocolate… and a Smile…
 by Peter J. Oszmann
A very short true story about a fleeting moment and how a smile can make one happy and grateful…...


Once upon a time - Sonnet
 by Peter J. Oszmann

A stroll in the autumn glow - Sonnet
 by Peter J. Oszmann

Autumn Requiem
 by Peter J. Oszmann

Hallowed be Thy name…
 by Peter J. Oszmann

After sunset - Sonnet
 by Peter J. Oszmann

Why visit museums?
 by Peter J. Oszmann

Searching for your face in the clouds – Sonnet
 by Peter J. Oszmann


Thoughts… just thoughts… (Part 1)
 by Peter J. Oszmann
“Thoughts are like butterflies. They fly away if you don’t catch them…” A sentence written down is a thought captured. A thought captured is like a butterfly pinned in a display cabinet. This...

Thoughts… just thoughts… Part 2
 by Peter J. Oszmann
“Thoughts are like butterflies. They fly away if you don’t catch them…” A sentence written down is a thought captured. A thought captured is like a butterfly pinned in a display cabinet. This...

About the Book -“Remember Us”
 by Peter J. Oszmann
This book is a collection of memories from Hungarian Hidden Children of the Holocaust....

About dicks and arseholes.
 by Peter J. Oszmann
A very brief satire on marital relationships and counselling....

 by Peter J. Oszmann
(The eBook described as “The science of making money online”.)...

Bringing up kids.
 by Peter J. Oszmann
Satire on modern childrearing. ...

2 Blog Or Not 2 Blog.
 by Peter J. Oszmann
2 Blog or Not 2 Blog; that is the quandary…...


Magda's Daughter : A Hidden Child's Journey Home
 by Peter J. Oszmann
New Book just published...

Author Interview at Phoenix Book Reviews.
 by Peter J. Oszmann
Phoenix Book Reviews interviewed the author of the book: "Jew Be or Not Jew Be." ...

The Book "Jew Be or Not Jew" Be Available in the UK.
 by Peter J. Oszmann
The Book "Jew Be or Not Jew Be, The Story of a Perpetual Alien" is available in the UK....

Review of "Jew Be or Not Jew Be; The Story of a Perpetual Alien" at Phoenix Book Reviews
 by Peter J. Oszmann
The Book: "Jew Be or Not Jew Be; The Story of a Perpetual Alien" received a professional review at Phoenix Book Reviews. ...


Jew Be or Not Jew Be
My own website designed and set up to introduce the Book to the general public; it contains some historical background, sample pages (Prologue and part of Chapter 1), links to online bookstores, where the book can be purchased, authors webring and affiliate sites.

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Phoenix Book Reviews
Read a professional review - written by reviewer Nikki Sly - about the Book: "Jew Be or Not Jew Be; The Story of a Perpetual Alien" at Phoenix Book Reviews.

Browse the site for other reviews and Author interviews.

Author's page at Amazon.com where the book is reviewed, rated and available for purchase.

Additional information

“Jew Be or Not Jew Be; The Story of a Perpetual Alien; Book One: Under Hitler's Shadow" (published in January 2001 by iUniverse, On Demand Printing, Trade Paperback, Size: 6x9, 537 pages, ISBN: 0-595-14552-3) is the first Book in an intended Two Part autobiographical novel, which took me ten years to research and write. It is dedicated to the memory of those members of my family who did not survive the events described in the story and also to the memory of those who made my survival possible. The story is a testament not only to Man's inhumanity to Man, but also to the human will to survive. I am currently working on "Book Two: Under Stalin's Shadow." The short stories "Nothing But The Tooth" and “Beating Death at His Own Game” are parts of chapters from that forthcoming book, and so is “Springtime and Love behind the Iron Curtain.” Please read my article: "Why an Autobiography?"... An additional sample from Chapter 2 of my already published first book can be read amongst my short stories under the title: "When the sun goes out and darkness descends"…; two samples from Chapter 3 under the title: "A Visit into the Past, Present and Future"; and “A lesson from my Mother”, a sample from Chapter 5 under the title: "Passage through the Via Dolorosa." There is also an excerpt from the closing chapter under the title: “Remembering to remember” which I slightly revised and re-edited in order for it to be comprehendible as a stand-alone short story. For further information please visit my website. From there a link to the publisher's site (www.iuniverse.com) gives you the opportunity - should you so desire - to browse the entire book page by page. The book is available from: iUniverse.com, Amazon, (worldwide) Barnes & Noble, Yahoo, and many other on-line bookstores. (There are many online stores with second hand volumes) In the UK it can also be ordered from Waterstones Bookstores and Tesco Online. Go to: http://www.iuniverse.com/Bookstore/BookSearchResults.aspx?Search=Jew%20be%20or%20not%20Jew%20Be http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0595145523/authorsdencom http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0595145523/authorsdencom http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbninquiry.asp?ISBN=0595145523 http://www.tesco.com/books/search.aspx?Ntt=Jew+be+or+not+jew+be&Ntk=primary&VSI=1&Ntx=mode%2Bmatchall&Nty=1&N=0

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 Peter J. Oszmann
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